Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Forthcoming: Lori Bryant-Woolridge - Weapons of Mass Seduction

Lori Bryant-Woolridge
Weapons of Mass Seduction
April 17, 2007

There comes a time in every girl’s love life when she needs a little help…enter Joey Clements, professional flirting coach. What she teaches Pia Jamison, Becca Vossel, and Florence Chase about the womanly arts of sensuality and flirtation turns them into bonified weapons of mass seduction. Armed and deliciously dangerous, the women return home in search of their desired prey, and though victory is ultimately theirs, the results are down right nuclear.

Pia , celibate and 41, has given up on marriage but not motherhood. Time is running out but she hasn’t a clue how to attract the man she needs in order to get the baby she wants. Tricked into attending the WMS workshop, a desperate Pia decides to stay and revive her feminine wiles. Back in New York, the lessons prove effective and Pia just might get the baby she wants but at what cost?

Florence is devastated when her husband of 20 years abruptly leaves. Heartbroken, the Texan belle goes to Joey in an effort to rekindle the romance and reclaim her spouse. But once reunited, the new sensually-improved Flo must determine if she’s staying in her marriage out of happiness or habit.

Rebecca is a 22 year-old plain Jane with no style and little pizzazz. Overwhelmed and ignored by Chicago’s men, she serious wants to break out of her restrictive upbringing and release her inner party girl, but will the new, super-sexed Becca recognize when she’s gone too far?

Part fiction, part flirt-manual, Weapons of Mass Seduction, is a fun and enticing read that promises to unleash the sensual woman in you.

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