Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Forthcoming: C. J. Domino - Sideline Ho

C. J. Domino
Sideline Ho
Available Now!

Why do men cheat? That's the million dollar question, to which most women reply, "Because they can!" Let me school you on the real reason. Men cheat because of women like me, women who give them the opportunity. Game recognizes game. With just one flirtatious glance, he knows that I'm the woman who will, when you won't. I am that pretty young thing with a big behind. I grin in your face while freaking your man on the side. Sometimes I'm a stranger, but usually I'm your friend. Don't take it personal, ladies. It's not about love, just the come up at the end. Meet Nikole Freeman, a best friend's worst nightmare. Follow along in outrage as she bounces from one unstable relationship to the next. Will Nikole learn a valuable life lesson before it's too late, or will her disgraceful life decisions finally catch up with her?


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