Sunday, April 15, 2007

The Forthcoming: Venesha - Mistress Me

Mistress Me
May 1, 2007

Inspired by true events MISTRESS ME is a behind the scenes look at male athletes and the woman who have the privilege of bedding them. On the come up... Channing L. Golden has rapidly came up in the industry as a well sought after publicist among professional athletes thanks to the support of her twin brother and first round draft pick Chase Golden and her love interest fellow baller, Cartier Smith. As personal assistant and self-taught publicist to Chase, Channing is the president of the Talk To Me Right publicity and management agency. Her undeniable good looks, charisma, sex appeal and promiscuous reputation captures the attention of a very important star player in the league Alonzo "Zoe" Butler, leagues hotshot and oversexed ladies man. Everybody plays the fool sometimes... Alonzo says he's looking for someone with Channing's negotiating savvy and expertise; however he's really seeking a personal playmate. Married for six years Alonzo initiates a five year love affair with his publicist and together they conceive three children. When Alonzo's barren wife Sheila Butler follows her intuition and hires a private investigator to get the drop on her suspected cheating spouse she is disgustingly surprised to learn that her husbands mistress is Channing L. Golden one of the biggest undercover hoes in the industry. MISTRESS ME is a tale of the highly coveted life of the sports industry elite and manipulating socialites within the world of the NBA. Experience an up-close and personal full court press in this tangled web of infidelities, backstabbing and catastrophe filled sexcapades, from an insider's point of view.


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