Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Forthcoming: Nicole Rouse - Happily Ever Now!

Nicole Rouse
Happily Ever Now
Available Now!
In Happily Ever Now, all Renee Thomas ever wanted was to have a fulfilling life.  So, she married Jerome, her high school sweetheart and had two beautiful children, and was steadily climbing the ladder of success.  Months before her thirty-fifth birthday, however, she realizes that her life is slowly crumbling.  Her oldest son has become rebellious, and her once stable career seems like it is about to end.  In addition, Renee learns that Jerome has been involved in a long-term affair with Taylor Kimball, a thirty-three-year-old bus driver.


After a few bad relationships, Taylor has given up hope on finding the perfect man.  She settles on Jerome, believing he will eventually leave Renee.  When Taylor grows tired of being the other woman, she pressures Jerome to commit to their relationship.  When he cannot give Taylor the answer she wants to hear, she spirals into a slow depression.


At a low point in their lives, both Renee and Taylor find themselves longing for true happiness.  The phrase "happily ever after" has lost its attraction; they want the happily ever now.  Through God's love, can both women learn to forgive those who have caused them pain, and discover the true joy of life's happiness?


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