Saturday, May 03, 2008

Video from Romance Slam Jam 2008 - Old School Jam Set

Random footage from the Old School Jam Set @ Romance Slam Jam!

Links are below....most are between 11MB and 25MB each!

We'll try to resave the video in a smaller file size (these are actually 50% compressed, if you can believe that!)

Since this was from a digital camera and not a camcorder with a built-in spotlight, the footage will appear sort of dark. You can adjust the brightness while viewing each in Windows Media Player by changing the Brightness setting under View > Enhancements > Show Enhancements. (4.6 MB)
Proud Mary intro (batteries died before the good part! Sorry!) (19.8 MB)
Pat Simmons and company do their rendition of the Staple Singers classic 'I'll Take You There' (25.7 MB)
'Freeway of Love' by the new Aretha! (20.6 MB)
Barbara Keaton does her revised version of Superfreak! (14.0 MB)
The New Supremes perform 'Stop In The Name Of Love' (17.4 MB)
Gwynne Forster does the Beatles! (14.1 MB)
Dyanne Davis does 'Jimmy Mack!' (51.8 MB)
8 minutes of the 2nd Soul Train line! (missed the first Soul Train line due to dead batteries) (12.7 MB)
Dyanne Davis and others do some dances from back in the day! (11.6 MB)
Everybody jumps on the floor for MJB's 'Just Fine' (notice Kayla Perrin hiding from the camera) (11.9 MB)
Earl Sewell leads the pack for the modified version of the Slide. (22.2 MB)
'We Are Family' by Chi-Town RAWSistaz-Sledge! (25.7 MB)
Wayne Jordan is 'entertained' for his birthday during a cover of 'Lady Marmalade'

Urban Reviews cannot be held responsible for the actions and behavior of any parties involved in the footage obtained during these events!

(Hey, they knew the cameras were rolling! LOL!)

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