Thursday, May 15, 2008

The Forthcoming: Candice Poarch - Long, Hot Nights

Candice Poarch
Long, Hot Nights
Available Now!
Will A Spontaneous Encounter...
Detective Alyssa Claxton believes she's in control of her destiny, which is why she's finding Jordan Ellis so hard to handle. They spent one unforgettable night under the stars-and now the handsome businessman wants more. Lucky for him, Alyssa isn't exactly finding it easy to say no to his tempting offer of sweet seduction...
...End In Murder?
Now Alyssa has a perfectly good excuse for avoiding Jordan's hot pursuit. There's been a double murder on Paradise Island, and one of the victims is her cousin's husband, caught in a compromising position with a younger woman. Was it a crime of passion? Or does Paradise Island have a serial killer on its hands? When one of Alyssa's best friends becomes a suspect, she finds herself in a race against time with Jordan, trying to unravel the secrets behind these murders-before the killer strikes again and ruins her chance at happily ever after...
...Or Romantic Bliss?






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