Saturday, May 03, 2008

Pics from Day Two @ The Jam (Romance Slam Jam 2008)

Below are pictures from the Old School Jam Set on Friday night @ The Jam!

The first brave souls for the Karaoke portion of the night.

Pat Simmons and company perform a Staple Singers classic.

Gwynne Forster does her rendition of The Beatles!

Karen D. rocks the mic!

Partying it up (do you see Mary B Morrison and Beverly Jenkins?)

LaShaunda of SORMAG dancing the night away.

Having a good ol' time at the Old School Jam set.

Random picture from the Old School Jam set.

People dancing to one of many 'slides' played during the Old School Jam Set (do you see Mary B. Morrison and Kimberly Kaye Terry?)

Another slide in progress!

Yet another slide in progress!


I can make you dance....if you want me too!

Old school sock hop!

Busting out the classic footwork!

Pat Simmons, Kimberly Kaye Terry, and Mary B. Morrison pose for the camera.

Random picture from the Old School Jam set.

Earl Sewell giving Barbara Keaton & others some pointers on the dance floor.

1 comment:

LaShaunda said...

Now you know the rules, what happens at the slam stays at the slam LOL.

Now I have to show the family before someone else does. LOL

It was really nice meeting you and your hubby. I hope you all had as much fun as I did.