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NEW REVIEW: Shana Burton - Flaws And All

Flaws and All (Urban Christian)Shana Burton -
Flaws and All -
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Lawson, Kina, Sullivan, Reginell, and Angel are friends that have been through their shares of ups and downs. They don't mind giving their opinions in one another's business. Each of them have their own way of showing their faith in God and how God has brought them through some storms. Will they be able to depend on God with their current situations, or will they step out on faith?

Lawson knows that she has everything under control. She has the best son and a man that adores her. When her son's dad pops back up on the scene, he kind of throws a monkey wrench in her life, and things are getting a little out of control. While all this is going on, she finds out what Reginell has been up to. Even through all of that, Lawson feels like she is back in control...but is she really?

Sullivan is a preacher's wife who feels like her life is less than exciting. But when she finds something that puts a little fire in her life, is it the wisest thing and will it affect her duties as first lady of her husband's church?

Kina has been through a lot, and it has taken a toll on her self-esteem. Kina, who's married to E'Bell, has taken a sense of pride in her marriage. Since E'Bell has given up his dream on become a NFL player, she tries to please him in whatever way she can. When Kina wants better things for them and her son, E'Bell is completely against it and wants things to stay just the way they are, but Kina has no idea why. She will soon find out why her husband does not want them to move forward.

A while ago, Angel's husband cheated on her and left her for another woman. After this heartbreak, Angel decides to push aside her private life and just focus on her career and family. But when she runs into the woman that took her husband, will she be able to let the past be the past, or will she finally be able to work out her anger?

Flaws and All was a good book by Shana Burton. In the beginning, I kind of had a little doubt because of the many different storylines, but everything flowed well. Each character in the book has an interesting story, and I enjoyed the way Ms. Burton would put their faith up for the test. Each character and their issues were so real. While reading this book, you will think of someone or of a situation that was similar in some way to the characters in the book. Flaws and All was a good read from beginning to end.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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