Thursday, January 27, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Bettye Griffin - The Heat of Heat

The Heat of HeatBettye Griffin -
The Heat of Heat -
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The Heat of Heat is about how Chantal, Sinclair, and Yolanda met their soul mates, even though it wasn't so obvious in every case.

Chantal meets Trystain when she had to fill in for one of her employees. Even though the chemistry was definitely there, Chantal thought Trystain was a snob. He had his work cut out for him if he wanted Chantal in his life.

When Yolanda and Carlos first made eye contact, it was love at first sight. While attending one of Carlos' shows, Yolanda catches his eye and he asks for her phone number. She doesn't think she will ever hear from him. Boy was she wrong! With Carlos' budding music career, the odds are against them. They will have to work extra hard if they are determined to make their relationship work.

Sinclair isn't sure when she will meet her Mr. Right, but whenever it happens, she will be ready. When she has to help out by driving one of the limousines for the company she manages, she doesn't expect her Mr. Right to be her next passenger. Ivan is a vey wealthy, eligible bachelor who has had his share of women. When these two meet again and Sinclair is not working, they agree to a "no strings attached" fling. The only problem with that is...someone forgot to tell their hearts.

The Heat of Heat by Bettye Griffin is like having three books in one. Each main character has their own story, which the author connects with their friendship. Griffin does a good job of developing the primary characters. There are also secondary characters that are pivotal to the story that are well developed as well. Griffin also does a good job of keeping the story flowing without lagging moments. It does get a little confusing at times keeping each situation straight, but not enough to affect the overall story.

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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