Monday, January 24, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Wanda Campbell - Right Package, Wrong Baggage

Right Package, Wrong Baggage (Urban Christian)Wanda Campbell -
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Pamela Roberts has been balancing her everyday life as a single mother and holding on to her Christian values. She really has not made time for a man until her own son picks out one for her. Micah Stevenson is everything that Pamela needs in her life, and he adores her son. Micah knows that Pamela and her son will make his life complete. He has a dark secret that he wants to tell Pamela about, but he’s afraid to tell her. Once the secret is revealed, it will change Pamela and Micah’s relationship forever.
Right Package, Wrong Baggage is a wonderful book by Wanda B. Campbell. Campbell expertly brings us a Christian fiction story with a very thought-provoking plot. Micah’s secret was a good example of testing the strength and faith of his and Pamela’s relationship. One of the underlying messages of this book is that you have to accept and learn from your past in order to move forward. This story is a perfect book club choice because there are a plethora of issues in this story that will prompt an interesting discussion. Right Package, Wrong Baggage is an entertaining novel about faith and love.
Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews
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Linda! said...

I agree that the content of this book opens the door to discuss some very serious societal issues.

Great job Wanda.


Dwan Abrams said...

Great review! Congrats!

Unknown said...

Ms Campbell is one of my favorite authors I enjoyed Illusions and she really did a thing with RPWB.

Not only does it make you think about Micah and Pamela but your own life as well.

I thought how the book started with the giving of the Christmas gift to his mom was absolutely adorable.

Radiah I like how you reviewed this w/out giving anything away.