Monday, January 24, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Cheryl Robinson - When I Get Where I'm Going

When I Get Where I'm GoingCheryl Robinson -
When I Get Where I'm Going -
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When I Get Where I'm Going by Cheryl Robinson is the story of three sisters: Alicia, Hope and Heaven. Alicia is an aspiring actress. It has been thirteen years and her dream of making it big in Hollywood has not come into fruitation. Alicia is frustrated to say the least, especially after seeing one of her best friends become a successful actress.

Hope is mourning the disappearance of her husband after a boating accident two years ago. She is having a hard time accepting the fact that he is really gone. Raising a daughter on her own and trying to keep it together has been hard. Her sister Heaven's drama is also stressing her out.

Heaven is that sister that most of us can relate to. She's the one that cannot seem to figure out what she wants to do in life. She's always hanging with the wrong type of people who seem to influence her into making poor choices.

When I Get Where I'm Going by Cheryl Robinson is a story of family. The trials and tribulations that each of these sisters go through, whether it's fighting amongst themselves or their own personal struggles, they soon find that as sisters, they can truly count on each other. Each character was easy to relate to and the story flowed. But at times, the story was a little slow. All in all, Where I Get Where I'm Going was a good read!

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews
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Unknown said...

Leona who was you favorite sister?

I don't think I had one because all three were for different reasons, but I must admit Heaven was the sweetest child I ever met in a

Did you read Cheryl thoughts on these characters before the book came out, very interesting.

Nicely worded review.