Monday, November 06, 2023

New Review :Trinity: Zelda Lockhart


5 out of 5 books

This is my first read by Author Zelda Lockhart, however I plan to follow her writing journey. The story was full of drama. It was truly a page turner that showed curses on the family bloodline where the curse marred three generations. This storyline was a brutal reminder of the injustices of how black and brown people were treated. Even after serving their country, they were still belittled and treated subpar.

The unrest of the family members spirits who had been killed remained in the house taunting and attempting to get the next living family member. Beginning with Bennie and Lenard, due to the murder of their mother at the hands of their abusive father, the souls weren’t at rest and remained in the family home.

During that time, there wasn’t much talk of therapy for the mentally ill or disturbed. There was no healing in the past and though the two brothers tried to outlive the shortcomings of their father, Bennie fell prey to the demons within.

Reviewed by Lacha’ J

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