Tuesday, January 09, 2024

The Forthcoming : I'm Not Superwoman : Marlon McCaulsky : Release Date : January 23, 2024

Atlanta, Georgia, is the hub of the black college experience. Nia Scott, a gifted pre-med student at Clark Atlanta University, is focused on one goal: becoming a doctor. With her Superwoman mentality, she believes she can do it all. But along with trying to achieve her dreams come challenges.

Nia’s roommate, Sabina Singh, is spiraling out of control, putting Nia in compromising positions. Not only is she struggling to maintain her grades, but she's also in a rocky relationship with her college football star boyfriend, Kyle Hicks.

His inner demons begin to take them both down a dark path that could end her dreams. When a tragic incident occurs, Nia is shaken to her core. Will she be able to pick up the pieces of her life, or will she succumb to the darkness around her? 

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