Monday, November 29, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Elliot T. Graves - Jasmine's Tears

Jasmine's TearsElliot T. Graves -
Jasmine's Tears -
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Jasmine's Tears is an urban tale that will make you wanna throw your hands up and cry. As the story opens, we meet Jasmine Fisher who lives in the Crestwood Heights apartments with her mom and younger sister Monica. Curtis also lives in the same complex as Jasmine and her family. One day Curtis overhears a violent argument coming from a few doors down. As the door swings open, he realizes that it’s coming from a girl and her mother. Once he makes the connection, Jasmine can feel him looking at her and she shouts vile remarks at him. This encounter is the beginning to a dysfunctional relationship; a poor young thing and a small time hustler.Curtis and his friend James are forever looking for the next hustle, and this time Curtis' scheme includes his sexy long-legged neighbor, Jasmine. But can this hustle get Jasmine out of Crestwood apartments and living the life she dreams of?

Mr. Graves did a good job introducing the characters and giving us just enough history so that we could determine who to root for and who to cry for. If the readers weren’t given a glimpse of Jasmine’s life, we would assume her character was not true. However, we know she was poor and her mother could do no better. No matter what your age, if you are not taught better, sometimes you don’t know better. Jasmine's Tears by Elliot T. Graves was a good voice of urban style and what takes place behind doors not carved with silver and gold.

Reviewed by Missy for Urban Reviews

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