Tuesday, November 30, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Vogue - Diamonds In The Rough

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Diamonds In The Rough -
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Carmen Davenport is living in a glass house with pristine walls and marble floors. Life is good in her world. She’s attending college, runs the streets with her lifelong best friend, Tiara, and works in her mother’s store for spending money. One night of hanging out at a club changes her whole life, her attitude and all of her circumstances. Jay Santiago is a Puerto Rican drug lord, but he can’t deny his fascination with the lovely Carmen. Their relationship is lethal as well as forbidden and seemingly destined for failure from the onset. Carmen is adamant about avoiding bad boys, and Jay is too far into the game to relinquish his position as the head of a multi-million dollar drug cartel.

Diamonds In The Rough entails the ups and downs of a sheltered young lady losing her innocence due to her attraction to a bad boy. Murder, drug trafficking, drug abuse, secrets, promiscuity, treachery, disobedience, physical abuse, and love wreak havoc in this read. The plot didn’t prove too challenging, but the main distraction and downfall of this read was that it is too repetitive. The structure of the story needs work, a lot of contradictory scenes, and no definitive destination. At least 100 pages could have been eliminated from this novel. The ending added just a bit more spice to try and wrap it up and leave you wanting more. But if Diamonds In The Rough is part of a 10 book series, I’d like to see if this author’s style and skills will improve with the future endeavors.

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews

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