Monday, November 29, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Aliya S. King - Platinum

Platinum: A NovelAliya S. King -
Platinum -
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Alex Maxwelll is a freelance writer for a music magazine who is also engaged to a hip hop artist. Alex has just been assigned to do an article about the lives of the women married to hip-hop artists. She's also ghostwriting a memoir for video vixen Cleo Wright. As Alex gets deeper into both of these projects, she uncovers some major drama that she may not be prepared for. Beth is the wife of a rapper named Z. Beth's stress level is high as she tries to keep tabs on Z's drug habits and philandering. Josephine is married to singer/producer Ras Bennett, but she wants more than that. Just when her own business gets off the ground, her husband reveals a shocking secret. Kipenzi is a multi-platinum artist that is ready to retire and marry her record label boyfriend Jake. But is he ready to walk down the aisle with her? Cleo Wright is a video vixen with an axe to grind and is every rich wife's nightmare. She seeks fame and fortune for her sleazy memoir, but at what cost?

With Platinum, Aliya S. King brought us a novel that is full of the glitz, scandal, and drama. King gives readers an insider's look into what it means to be in the music industry. The non-stop drama starts from the first page, and it continues like a runaway train until the end. Each of these characters have their own set of issues that makes them flawed and human. Although this story is about characters that live a very rich lifestyle, there was no endless talk about their possessions or any designer name dropping. King focused on the actual story, which is a breath of fresh air. Platinum is a delicious guilty pleasure that will have readers asking one question: Where is the sequel?

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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