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INSIDE OUT With Author Lucky Luck 2


with Lucky Luck 2 -

Author of Pitfalls Before The Altar and Beyond-

In the summer of 1998 with a desire to change careers, Lucky Luck 2 began writing a paper on in-law relationships hoping to become a journalist at a local newspaper. This one to two-page project swiftly turned into four to five pages. He continued to add thoughts to his original idea and the page count continued to increase. Finally, Lucky could not ignore the writer’s voice that always lived in his heart. Two months later, he embarked on writing his first novel entitled Pitfalls Before The Altar And Beyond. With careers in the fast food and retail industry, Lucky completed his novel in the summer of 2002.

Urban Reviews:  Tell our readers about Pitfalls Before The Altar And Beyond.
Lucky Luck 2:  The book begins with Derrick Lewis and Angela Robinson, a young and high-spirited couple, getting ready for their wedding. Before getting married, they experience some unpleasant "situations." After they get married, they face more trouble at home and outside the home. If one is contemplating getting into a serious relationship, this novel can be a guide to avoid a countless number of painful situations. If one is married or in a serious relationship and wondering should they get the HELL out, this book can be used as a mediator to lead them to their SAVING GRACE!!!

Urban Reviews:  How did the idea for this book come about?
Lucky Luck 2:  With a desire to change careers, I was going to become a freelance writer in hopes of becoming a full-time journalist. As I wrote about the topic, Relationships With In-laws, I kept getting bombarded with more ideas and the length of the paper greatly increased. As the pages grew, it eventually developed into the storyline for the title of the book.

Urban Reviews:  What things about the book industry have taken you by surprise?
Lucky Luck 2:  When you don't receive support or encouragement from established authors, that can sometimes be disheartening. When I didn't become an overnight success by quickly getting on the Best seller list, that was a wake-up call for me.

Urban Reviews:  What has been your best experience so far as a published author?
Lucky Luck 2:  When a person says that when they picked up my book they were not able to set it down, that is by far one of the greatest compliments that a person can give me about my work.

Urban Reviews:  Who or what inspired you to want to become a writer?
Lucky Luck 2:  My parents saw at an early age that I was blessed with the gift of writing and I had a talent for public speaking.

Urban Reviews:  Do you have any ideas or plans for any upcoming projects?
Lucky Luck 2:  I am currently working on my second novel, and this one is going to be 1,000 pages of literary heat!!!

Urban Reviews:  What do you like to do besides writing?
Lucky Luck 2:  I am a daytrader, and I will be doing more public speaking in the near future.

Urban Reviews:  What things can you suggest to other writers that are thinking about self-publishing their novel?
Lucky Luck 2:  When people tell you "don't give up," you shouldn't see that as a tired cliche. This person is usually trying to tell you that you will face many obstacles before you get to the finish line.

Urban Reviews:  Is there anything else you would like to share about yourself or your novel?
Lucky Luck 2:  I would like to reiterate my novel is available at my website, and also Barnes And Noble.

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