Sunday, December 05, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Terese Lorae Smauldon - That One Moment 2

That One Moment (Urban Soul Presents)Terese Lorae Smauldon -
That One Moment 2 -
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4 out of 5 books -

Jas, Lia, Dee Dee, and Rene are back with even more drama than ever. Jas is living the champagne life as the girlfriend of a famous rapper. But she becomes suspious of her boyfriend's business trips when he hires a sexy female manager. Jas also has to make sure her little sister doesn't get swept in the fast-paced life of New York City. Lia is married and now lives in Chicago. But with the strained relationship with her mother-in-law, fertility issues, and her husband's ex back in the picture, Lia's life is not the happy ending that she hoped for. Dee Dee is now divorced and is trying to move on with her life. But she's still in love with her ex-husband. Rena hasn't told anyone, including her husband, that the daughter he's raising may not be his.

Terese Lorae Smauldon did a good job of revisiting these four friends with That One Moment 2. You get to see what becomes of each of these women during their different journeys through life. This story was just as entertaining as the first book. There is plenty of drama and secrets that will keep readers glued to the pages. Smauldon also gave very realistic outcomes to Jas, Lia, Dee Dee, and Rene's stories. That One Moment 2 is full of drama and life lessons.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert of Urban Reviews

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