Monday, February 05, 2007

The Forthcoming: Crystal Perkins-Stell and Anthony Fields - Bossy

Crystal Perkins-Stell and Anthony Fields
February 10, 2007

All bad bitches got a little good in them. Some diva's will only go so far to prove their love for a man. THEN.... There are those who we call the ride or die boo's. These are the dames that will go all out for their man to let him know that while Every Thug Needs A Lady, she can also flip the script and be that Down Ass Chick he needs her to be. Ride with Mercedes Cudjo as she takes you on a fantastic voyage from the heavenly hills of Dallas Texas, to the Nation's Capitol. As you flip through Bossy with vigor, you will see for yourself how Cudjo becomes that bitch many love hate, but as the mystery in this novel unfolds, you'll discover how Boss B's really do it and why when it's all said and done, they really don't give a damn.


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