Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NEW REVIEW : The Realest Ever by Keith Thomas Walker

5 out of 5 books

Donovan Mitchell has not seen his best friend in 15 years. So when he tells his sexy, smart, super insecure girlfriend that his best friend is back in town, there should be no problem, right? Well, not when his best friend is very attractive, very shapely Kyra Reynolds. Kyra has had a rough life, but growing up Donovan was always there to protect her. So when she was shipped off to Arkansas to live with family after her mother was put in jail, Kyra's life took a turn for the worst. Now that she is back in Texas, she is determined to get her life back on track and if her best friend comes with the deal, that makes it even better. However, a deep, dark secret could ruin their friendship forever.

The Realest Ever is just that, real. Walker's characters and plots are so relatable. You feel as if he is writing about someone you know, or a situation you are familiar with. That is the element that make his books such a success and must reads. The Realest Ever does not disappoint!

Reviewed by Tenecia

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