Wednesday, October 29, 2014


4 out of 5 books

Royce Jones has worked hard building an empire for his family in the funeral home business.  His lovely wife Lexi, is supportive and despite it seeming as if she's your basic trophy wife, rest assured, she knows how to handle business in all aspects.  The Joneses have three children, Lovie, their independent son who is an accountant, and two daughters, Charity and Hope.  Royce calls for a family meeting and informs the family of financial woes and everyone takes a stance regarding the trouble.  Lexi is mortified as she knows that the haters will gloat over there demise and Lovie steps in and questions his father about his business partner and life long friend.  The sisters are challenged to stand on their own two feet and blaze their own way in order to maintain their present lifestyle.  Financial challenges aren't the only problems plaguing this family...secrets begin to come out of hiding as each are threatened with having their folly exposed.  When exposure threatens the family's iconic name, how desperate can one get and what lengths will it push one to?  Can the foundation of which this family was built stand a crushing blow or will it crack and crumble?   The Joneses are proud and upstanding citizens, can they maintain their status in society or will they have to tuck tail and hide? 

The Joneses was an enchanting read.  There wasn't really any highly explosive scenes but it carried a very low key but smooth rhythm.  The character development was on point and consistent, everyone had a purpose and their scenes flowed effortlessly.  I was always anxious to read and delve further into the book.  The mystic edge was an enhancement as it captivated you with the development and unfolding of all the dirty little secrets.  The Joneses was indeed a pleasant read, and I can truthfully say it was not predictable, just enjoyable from all angles. My only complaint is that it ended with a cliffhanger so there is most definitely another part to this tale.  

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye

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I have to read this one, wow sounds good.