Monday, January 19, 2015

NEW REVIEW : After the Dawn by Francis Ray

5 out of 5 books

Bad boy Dillon Montgomery has done well for himself. He is a self-made millionaire and wants no part of the town that wrote him off. The only reason he returns is because his mother is his everything. So when he and his mother are asked to come to the reading of the will for Abe Collins, he has no plans of attending. However his mother was Abe’s secretary for years and respected him for giving a single mother a job and expected him to be there. What was not expected however, was Abe leaving half of his company to Dillon and his granddaughter Samantha.

On the night of her parent’s death, Samantha had come on to Dillon. Even though he was attracted to her, he knew his mother would kill him and he would never take advantage of a woman like that. That had been 12 years ago. So Dillon had no intentions of staying and helping Samantha run this company. But with the coaxing of his mother and his utter dislike of her uncle, he decides to help. The attraction he has towards Samantha is just a bonus.

Francis Ray has always been a phenomenal writer. Anything that she has written is a great read. Her character and plot development are always well done, and there are usually several different sub-plots within the main plot that keeps the story flowing. After the Dawn is no exception. Another well written book.

Reviewed by Tenecia

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Sounds very interesting

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