Wednesday, October 29, 2014

NEW REVIEW: Kiss the Ring: An Urban Tale by Meesha Mink

3.5 out of 5 books

Naeema Cole finds herself full of regrets as she mourns the death of her only child, her son Brandon.  A son she gave away at birth and only she and his guardian know her deepest secret.  Naeema has been rejected all of her life and because of her hard knocks, she tried to make sure that Brandon had better than she could give him.  She embarks on a mission to find Brandon’s murderer and avenge his death.  She finds herself amid a bunch of outlaws that have their hands in all kinds of mischief, whether it’s robbing a bank or carjacking for profit, it makes them no difference.  Naeema infiltrates this crime ring and deems the name ‘Queen’, a misfit that is attracted to Bas, the leader, and their flirtation allows her an immediate in.  Naeema’s real life scenario consists of an ex-husband that she’s still madly in love with and Sarge, a boarder at the place she calls home. 

Kiss The Ring entices you to travel with Queen as she begins this one woman vendetta of revenge.   A game of who, when, where and what for piques the curiosity as you watch the manipulation and word play proceed.  Will this mother abandon her original game plan as she becomes enamored with ‘the enemy…is she in too deep?’  When secrets are on both sides, which side will be exposed?  I found this tale to be creative, interesting with just the correct amount of mystique to keep me entertained and curious.  I found myself contemplating the different emotions such as compassion, forgiveness, loyalty, jealousy, sexual chemistry, devotion, tenacity and the depth of a mother’s love.  Although the window was open for a continuation, it was a great read!  

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye

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