Sunday, September 07, 2014

NEW REVIEW : Touch My Heart by Wayne Jordan

4 out of 5 books

Poor sexy millionaire actor Dominic Wolfe is feeling sorry for himself at his mansion in his beautiful homeland of Barbados. After an accident left him injured, Dominic is mad at the world. When his good friend and doctor sends him his newest physical therapist, things start to look a little brighter. Physical therapist Aaliyah Carrington has come to Barbados to help rehabilitate a person who her boss told her would be a challenge and to also help rehabilitate her own heart. She had no idea her reluctant patient was world famous, super sexy Dominic Wolfe. Once she got Dominic to agree to come to his sessions, she realized that more than one side of his body needed healing. Does this widowed nurse have enough healing power to mend both Dominic's heart and hers?

Wayne Jordan is an awesome author. He does such a good job of giving you the male perspective of a budding relationship. Touch My Heart is another great read by Jordan. There were a few times within the story that I was a little confused, but Jordan did a good job of pulling it all back together. The primary and secondary characters were well developed along with the plot. There is also a side story within Touch My Heart and it seamlessly flows with the primary storyline. This was a very good sequel to I'll Stand By You

Reviewed by Tenecia

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