Tuesday, October 12, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Victoria Christopher Murray - Sins of the Mother

Sins of the Mother: A NovelVictoria Christopher Murray -
Sins of the Mother -
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Jasmine Larson Bush has finally achieved the status that she has dreamed of all her life. She is the first lady of a mega church, has a husband that adores her, has more money than she can count, and has two beautiful children. Jasmine had finally come clean with her husband Hosea about all of her past transgressions, and now thought that she was in the clear. Until one day during the Christmas season, Jasmine, Mae Francis, and the kids went shopping. While changing her son's diaper, a mother's worst nightmare had came true...her four-year-old daughter Jacqueline was kidnapped. During this difficult time, Jasmine finds that her faith in God and her family are truly tested. Will Jasmine find her faith back in time before Jacqueline's brought back to safety, or will she be completely lost?

Sins of the Mother is a heartfelt gut-wrenching story that brings to life the nightmare that some mothers have to go through. I like the way that Victoria Christopher Murray brought to the pages how Jasmine and Hosea went through practically hell when their precious daughter was taken. At times while reading Sins of the Mother, you will find yourself feeling sympathy for Jasmine, but then you can get really mad at some of the things that she's does. This book takes you on an emotional rollacoaster. Thinking about Jasmine's character, you try to put yourself in her position and wonder what you would do if your child went missing. This was one of the best books that Ms. Murray has written. This book will bring you sadness, hope, and joy. Even if you have not read the previous books about Jasmine, you will not get lost reading this one. The author gives so many details about Jasmine and her past that you will not feel left out. She is the woman we all love to hate. I highly recommend Sins of the Mother by Victoria Christopher Murray.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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