Friday, October 22, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Carl Weber - Torn Between Two Lovers

Torn Between Two LoversCarl Weber -
Torn Between Two Lovers -
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Lorraine Farrow is trying to get her marriage back on track. In doing so, she realizes that she needs to stop her affair with Michael. But Michael is not willing to let her go that easily. Michael becomes obsessed with stalking her and trying to win her back. Lorraine is determined to make her marriage work even though she is not being sexually satisfied by her husband Leon and still fantasizes about Michael.

Leon has been seeing a shrink to help with whatever it is that is causing him to lack in his duties in the bedroom. He is attractive to Lorraine, but when it comes to the physical act, he is quick at the draw. In going to therapy, Leon discovers some painful secrets from his past that he's been keeping buried in his subconscious. When all is revealed, it just may cost him his marriage to Lorraine.

Jerome is back and his stalker Peter is still up to no good, trying to make Jerome suffer by destroying any and all potential relationships. Peter is determined to make Jerome his, and nothing will stand in his way.

Town Between Two Lovers by Carl Weber is a tale of love, lust, lies and plenty of drama sprinkled throughout. The book is a very short but quick read. As the drama unfolds, you find yourself trying to figure out what is about to happen, but you will be shocked when it all unfolds. I felt the story was a bit rushed and not as good as Big Girls Do Cry. Town Between Two Lovers is not a bad read, but I felt it was just okay.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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