Wednesday, October 13, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Victor L. Martin - The Game of Deception

The Game of Deception (Wahida Clark Presents)Victor L. Martin -
The Game of Deception -
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After being stuck-up for his drugs and money, Ghetti, a young hustler, soon realizes his "boy" set him up. Ghetti catches up with the men that robbed him and after murdering them, he goes on the run. Ghetti is hell-bent on getting revenge on the person that set him up and ultimately rats him out to the cops.

Mance, Ghetti's cousin, owns and operates the local barbershop. He is engaged to be married. When Ghetti finds out who the lucky woman is that is to wed his cousin, will Ghetti be able to trust Mance? Is blood really thicker than water?

Amanda and Volanda are two homicide detectives working the double homicide. Amanda is married and is suffering from depression. Volanda has a secret, and she prays that her past will not affect her future. Will both Amanda and Volanda's personal lives interfere with the investigation?

The Game of Deception by Victor L. Martin is a story of greed, lust, love, lies, betrayal and murder. Mr. Martin does an excellent job in weaving together the characters and showing how six degrees of separation come into play. One thing I was really impressed about is that in The Game of Deception, Mr. Martin made it a point to touch on the topic of safe sex and the dangers of having unprotected sex. This is something a lot of urban/street literature books fail to touch upon.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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