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NEW REVIEW: Patricia Haley - Destined

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Destined -
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After being rejected for being the CEO of the family's business, DMI, Don Mitchell decides to flee and go to South Africa. During his stay on the African continent, Don realizes that it was God's will that he let go of the disappointment and find his purpose in life. He creates his own company called LTI and finds the solitude that he needed. Dave Mitchell thought that it was best to put the company in the hands of his youngest child, Joel. As CEO, Joel sought the guidance of God on how to run the company. But the more he got wrapped in the power of being CEO of one of the largest companies in Detroit, the less he started to listen to God. Soon, Joel would put God on the back burner and started to run the company as he thought it should be ran. When the financial reports started to look a little shaky the CFO of the company, Abigail, decided something had to be done to stop Joel and the tirade on DMI. If she didn't, all would be lost. Don's mother, Madeline, was one of the founders of DMI and was determined to get Joel fired and put Don in charge of the company. They decide to call Don and tell him what Joel has been up too. Will Don make it in time to save DMI? Is he destined to take the rightful place as CEO?

Author Patricia Haley did a phenomenal job writing the sequel to Chosen. If you read the first book, you will understand what I am talking about. The storyline of Destined started exactly where Chosen ended, and that was something I love about this book. The author continues the story on the same path. Redemption and forgiveness are once again the focus of the storyline. Ms. Haley has no problem keeping your interest throughout the book. The way the author goes in detail about each character makes you understand the path they took and why they did it. And in all honesty, if you have not read Chosen, you really don't need to because Destined could be read as a standalone book. You never wonder what happened in the pervious book because there's enough dialogue for you to understand what is going on. Destined shows you that the Word of God never changes, but you have to change to understand what you are destined to do.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews

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