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NEW REVIEW: Tiffany L. Warren, Sherri L. Lewis, Rhonda McKnight - A Woman's Revenge

A Woman's RevengeTiffany L. Warren, Sherri Lewis, Rhonda McKnight -
A Woman's Revenge (Anthology) -
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What would you do if the man you loved was taken by your best friend? How would you be able to handle the situation? Would you accept what is done, or would you vow to win that man you love heart and make him yours?

"A Slim Chance"

Nadine Robinson was a wholesome churchgoing woman who always followed the Bible and took her faith seriously. For years, Nadine secretly loved her best friend and confidant Jamal Bennett. But self-consciousness, low self-esteem and weight issues prevented Nadine from making an attempt at love with Jamal. A year passed, and Nadine is back on the scene after making some drastic life changes. Now she's gained enough confidence to go after the man of her dreams. But to her surprise and disbelief, Jamal is engaged to her best friend Angelique. Nadine must spring into action; the next steps could determine her future. Will Nadine sit and allow Jamal to be gone forever, or will she plan the ultimate revenge?

Jamal Bryant was an upstanding member at his church home. He committed to a vow of celibacy and was saving himself for his future wife. Jamal secretly has been in love with Nadine for years. But with Nadine gone unexpectedly for a year, Jamal begins a whirlwind relationship with Angelique. Things move fast, and when the "new" Nadine comes back into town after a year, Jamal’s old feelings emerged and leave him with some tough decisions. Will Jamal reconsider his current situation to be with the woman he really does love?

A Slim Chance goes into a lot of mental, spiritual, and physical issues...even with it being a short story. It shows a woman who has made a drastic physical change, but when she returns, the world has continued on without her. Nadine goes to drastic measures, and at the end of the day, will it be are worth it? Or will Nadine go too far with her revenge plot with no chance of return?

"The Sweet Taste of Revenge"

Enter the world of Sabrina Rogers, an executive assistant to Blake Harrison, a future partner of a prestigious law firm. Not only do Sabrina and Blake have a working relationship, they are newly engaged. The only problem is that no one must know. Sabrina is a little naïve and overlooks key warning signs involving her relationship with Blake. But when information is bought to her face about her "perfect" Blake, Sabrina opens her eyes. Blake has been involved with various women, including Sabrina’s long lost mother Roxie. Sabrina must come to grips with the events that have taken place in her life. Will Sabrina seek the ultimate revenge, or will she accept the events and learn forgiveness?

Roxanne, a.k.a. Roxie, was a spitfire who spoke her mind and held no bars. Roxie had one daughter, Sabrina, but she also had a weakness for men. That very weakness had Roxie make the ultimate choice of her man or her daughter. Roxie chose the man and now many years later is faced to confront the demons of her past indiscretions. When face to face with her daughter, who she hasn’t seen in years, will Roxie and Sabrina unite to cast the ultimate revenge on Blake, or will there damaged relationship and turbulent strain over the years be too much too sustain?

A Woman’s Revenge is an anthology made up of three Christian short stories by Tiffany L. Warren, Sherri L. Lewis, and Rhonda McKnight. Each of the stories show various breaking points when you try to do the right thing and thing go haywire.  I chose to write a review for two of the stories that resonated the most with me. I think everyone can relate to A Woman’s Revenge.  It's all about the choices you make and the signs you choose to ignore, all of which can lead you to a Woman’s Revenge.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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