Tuesday, September 28, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Cairo - Daddy Long Stroke

Daddy Long Stroke (Zane Presents)Cairo -
Daddy Long Stroke -
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Perfect Body, model looks, and dark chocolate skin equipped to make any woman weak in the knees. Meet Alexander Maples a.k.a. Alley Cat who's better known as Daddy Long Stroke.

From an early age, Alex had his way with the women in and out of the bedroom. Alex was a "no strings" commitment type of a guy. With his charisma and the right choice of words, Alex enjoyed free vacations, money and the best designer clothes...all on the expense of women.

Alex made sure he was very clear with the women he dealt with. He didn't do relationships; Alex was definitely not a one woman man. Alex has had his share of bad experiences, drama, stalking, and unnecessary B.S. to last him for a lifetime. But with all those things happening, Alex is still not deterred to changes his ways. With the New Year approaching, will Alex see his faults and try to change his lifestyle, or will he remain the dog that everyone thinks he is?

The various women in Alex's life are all different and unique in their own special way. They all have a skill and a purpose for being in Alex's life, until he feels they have met there expiration date. Vita, a "little person" who Alex met online, has low self-esteem and falls hard for Alex. She wined and dined him to no end since nothing was too good for her Alex. Alex warns Vita time and time again to not fall hard for him, but she doesn't listen and gets the shock of her life when Alex does one of the most unthinkable things. As a result, he betrays her trust and breaks her heart. Cherry is Alex's out of state candy who is a successful real estate agent who spoils Alex and gives him anything he wants. But when Cherry propositions Alex, will he make the life-altering decision?

Cairo does an excellent job of painting a picture of a womanizer. Daddy Long Stroke takes you on an adventure of the twists and turns of a man who has to come to terms with a possible sex addiction. The need and urge to have sex and deal with unstable women can lead to deadly and dangerous consequences. The detail in the story had me on the edge of my seat, and at some points had me laughing at the crazy situations that Alex found himself involved in. Daddy Long Stroke is must read for both sexes to get a better picture of how some indivduals live there life walking on a tightrope. I am excited to read Cairo's next book.
Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews
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