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NEW REVIEW: Various Authors - Flexin' & Sexin' II (Anthology)

Flexin & Sexin Volume 2Various Authors -
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Hit'Em Up 2 by Erick S. Gray is the continuation of the story Mr. Gray had in the previous Flexin' & Sexin' anthology. In order to really understand this story, you will need to read the first part before reading this one. Afrika has his crew out snatching up innocent females (those he thinks will not be missed), and taking them out of the country to be sold as sex slaves...never to be seen or heard from again. A kidnapping goes terribly wrong, and one of the victims just so happens to be the daughter of someone very important in the community. The police are in search of those responsible, and Afrika puts a hit out on his worker Bay in an attempt to try to leave no one to connect him to this elaborate operation. Bay is determined to get the girls that set him up, leaving his best-friend dead and Bay hanging on for life.

Moving Weight by Ashley & JaQuavis is the story of Dysha and how her life has been turned upside down within 24 hours. With a bag full of money and the one person that she knows she can trust just being murdered right before her very eyes, Dysha is on the run for her life. Determined to get out of the state as fast as she can, Dysha knows with certainty that she will be safe. When she cops a ride from a handsome stranger, she feels as if he may be her angel in disguise. The question he?

Butta Love by Treasure E. Blue is about Maleka Tidwell, a woman who is a sexually frustrated, married woman. Her best friend takes her out to a club on her birthday, and it turns out to be a night she will never forget. There she meets one of the handsome strippers that soon turns her out with a little thug love. What started as a means of quenching Maleka's sexual thirst soon turns out to be a more than she bargained for.

House of Sin by J. Tremble is the story of a handsome young man who is desperate to make money. Enrolled in college, he does the unthinkable and uses money he borrowed from a loan shark to pay his college tuition. With the time drawing near, Jerome takes on a job as an exotic dancer at House of Sin since it seems like it will be a means to some quick, easy money. He will soon see that all that glitters is not gold.

The Breath Taker by Dashawn Taylor is the story of a man that prowls the chat rooms who goes by the name The Breath Taker, and he will literally take your breath away. He lures beautiful, innocent young women to meet up with him and he kills them.

Joy Ride by Nichelle Walker is about a woman named Joy who runs one of the most exclusive underground businesses called the Doll House. When a client walks in, Joy breaks her number one rule to never to mix business with pleasure. Joy decides she really wants to keep this particular client to herself. So she masquerades as someone else and goes by the name Crave. Crave and Joy may be one and the same, but her client also has an alter ego.

Flexin' & Sexin 2 is a collaboration from some of the hottest street-lit authors out. My favorite story would have to be the one by Erick S. Gray. I would love to see his story into a full fledged novel. Besides Mr. Gray's story, one of the other stories in the book is left to be continued until the next installment of Flexin & Sexin drops. Unfortunatley Mr. Gray has left his story to be continued twice now. It is bad enough to have a novel left hanging and have to wait for the sequel. But to have a short story in an anthology left hanging until the next anthology is totally annoying. If your going to write a short story-just end it.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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