Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Delilah Dawson - Wanting It

Wanting ItDelilah Dawson -
Wanting It -
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When Eileen, owner of the online dating service Orchid Souls, needs some "test" subjects, she turns to her friend Jenna to help her out. Since Jenna opened her floral shop, she has not had anytime for romance. So, for Jenna, this is a much needed break. When Eileen has the breakout party for Orchid Souls, Jenna happens to meet Troy, a businessman looking for a little adventure of his own. Like Jenna, Troy has no social life either and thinks that Orchid Souls is the place to take his mind off his business...just for a little while. When Troy and Jenna get together, sparks fly, and neither Troy or Jenna can stop thinking about one another.

When a business opportunity pops up, Troy finds himself in front of the lady he cannot stop thinking about. Not knowing who he really is, Troy plays a little cat and mouse game. Both of them are enjoying the chase, but how long will Jenna be able to keep up his secret before Jenna finds out?

Wanting It is the third and final book of the Orchid Soul trilogy. Author Delilah Dawson hit this one out of the park. I enjoyed how she kept the interest of the reader throughout the novel, and if Jenna was going to find out who Troy really was or not. This is not your normal sappy love story. There was some twists, turns, and juicy parts that made this book a real page turner. If you have not read the prior two books, Up All Night and Better on Top, I highly recommend them. You don't necessarily have to read them, because Wanting It can stand on it's own.

Reviewed by Jackie for Urban Reviews
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