Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Queenetta Ross-Davis - The Illusion of Everything Sacred

The Illusion of Everything SacredQueenetta Ross-Davis -
The Illusion of Everything Sacred -
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The Illusion of Everything Sacred by Queenetta Davis-Ross is a dramatic episodic fiction illustrating the volatility of marriage and the elusiveness of perceived happiness.

With only hours preceding Queen's wedding, a group of friends are soon about to discover that those they held sacred and at the highest regard was nothing more than an illusion. Queen's sister, Tamia, has been keeping the fact that Devin, her husband of twelve-years, has walked out on her. Everyone, including Tamia, thought that they had the perfect marriage. More than anything, Tamia wants answers to questions such as...why? But Devin refuses to talk. Tamia finds herself stooping to a level that she would have never imagined, and she is about to be pushed to the point of no return.

Deborah is a beautiful, educated and successful woman who is married to an obsessive, controlling man named Michael. Deborah is tired of putting her all into a marriage just to be treated so poorly. The lack of respect that Michael obviously has for Deborah and their marriage has come to a head. Something has got to give. Jackie is the single one of the group, quick to speak her opinion on each and every one of her friends' relationships. No matter who's feelings she may hurt, she is blunt and holds no bars. Queen is just about to walk down the aisle when someone from her past resurfaces and threatens to destroy her happiness.

The Illusion of Everything Sacred by Queenetta Ross-Davis is a story of love, marriage, infidelity, friendship, secrets, lies and drama. From the explosive beginning to the climatic end, this story had me quickly turning the pages. The author does an excellent job in portraying each character's deep emotions into words. This is a story that any woman who has been cheated on or has been "the other woman" can definitely relate to. Aside from some editing issues, The Illusion of Everything Sacred was a great story.  I look forward to reading the next installment in the series.

Reviewed by Leona for Urban Reviews

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