Thursday, September 30, 2010

NEW REVIEW: Anthony Fields - The Ultimate Sacrifice

The Ultimate Sacrifice (Wahida Clark Presents Publishing)Anthony Fields -
The Ultimate Sacrifice -
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Antonio ‘Ameen’ Felder, Luther Khadafi Fuller, Vernon Boo Dammons, and Harold Umar Howard are all incarcerated at Beaumont Penintentiary. Khadafi masterminds the murder of snitch Keith Barnett, and the other three friends participate in the heinous crime. All are facing a life sentence when this incident’s investigation points to them. Ameen makes the ultimate sacrifice and accepts the charge with the strict instruction that Khadafi is to take care of his family with no excuses.

Khadifi embraces his freedom on roller skates as he dives headfirst into the game of murder, money, and mayhem in DC. Khadafi’s uncle, Marquette, orchestrates the killer in his ruthless mission to cease and dominate any and all that Marquette will target for gain as well as personal vendettas. Upon their release, Boo and Umar fall captive to Khadafi’s spell in their quest for money, and their promise to Ameen becomes irrelevant.

The Ultimate Sacrifice is an incredibly fast-paced read that engrosses the reader with its vivid and realistic depiction into the lives of cold blooded killers and their victims. Anthony Fields masterfully delivers a very common plot, but his proficient skills allow his natural talent become a prevalent stamp that make this read an extraordinary tale. Life, death, hope, despair, love, loyalty, selfishness, atonement, and sacrifice runs its course throughout the pages of this thrilling read as it challenges the reader to consider the consequences of promises made and promises broken. A thoroughly developed and enjoyable novel! Major kudos Mr. Fields! Kudos, my brotha!

Reviewed by Tazzyt2bossye for Urban Reviews
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