Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Forthcoming: Michelle Taylor - Troubles Won't Last Always

Michelle Taylor
Troubles Won't Last Always
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Trouble Won't Last Always is an exemplification of beauty, strength, and confidence as four women's search for love bonds them together. Mia's search for love takes her in all the wrong places in turbulent relationships. Imani, the rock of the women, holds onto her sanity with prayer and perseverance. Jasmine, the extravagant one of the bunch, exemplifies the phase "one life to live." Summer is the more "settled" one of the group and basically maintains the peace.
Mia has some obstacles to overcome in her life just for being a black woman and being a highly intellectual one at that. As each of these women share an unspoken bond and each has tremendously different lives that intertwine into one, it becomes impossible for them to cope without the strength and knowledge of the other. Mia's problem is that she desires love, but love fails her every time.
The ultimate failure of love is when she loses all of her children in a fire. Mia discovers that at this point perhaps a higher calling is seeking her attention. However, she feels that it's almost unrealistic to think she could turn to God at this point in her life. The women find out that life keeps on going in spite of the pain, and although it hurts like hell, they discover that in spite of it all, God becomes a resting place and life begins anew.

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