Wednesday, February 27, 2008

The Forthcoming: Various Authors - Girls From Da Hood 4

Various Authors
Girls From Da Hood 4
Available Now!
Like its predecessors, Girls from da Hood 4 introduces you to women from the streets of Brooklyn who know how to be on that grind. In “Prada Plan,” you meet Disaya Morgan. She is a person of meager beginnings who vowed never to be that way again. She’s about making money and doesn’t care what she has to do to get it. If it’s dangerous, that just means the payout will be that much sweeter. But when she learns that one of her business dealings is about to go horribly wrong, she’s looking to get out for self-preservation. Could it be too late? Enter Disaya’s world of mind-blowing sex and quick cash as she puts you on to the Prada Plan.  In “Real B!tches Do Real Things,” Jada Simone is one of the realest “b!tches” in New York. She keeps it hood, and the hood loves her for it—until she writes a tell-all book. Now the hood that once loved her for keeping it real has ostracized her. It’s left to Jada to make things right. This story will have you guessing until the most surprising end! In “Last Woman Standing,” Londa is highly respected on the streets of Brooklyn for being a female hustler. She started making her paper with her partner, Blake, but when he gets sent upstate, she maintains by holding down the blocks by herself. She doesn’t need her good looks to get her money like other girls in her hood, and that’s why even the male hustlers give her respect. Still, with all of the money and power, Londa is looking to settle down. But as anyone from the streets can tell you, settling down is not that simple, especially when your partner gets out of prison. Now Londa is learning of lies, betrayal and deceit that she never saw coming.When she is asked to make one final score, will she fall victim to the corruption around her or will she come out of this as the last woman standing?

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