Thursday, June 30, 2011

NEW REVIEW: Portia A. Cosby - Disgruntled Wives Club

The Disgruntled Wives ClubPortia A. Cosby
Disgruntled Wives Club
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Sometimes we wonder why we're in a dead end relationship and why we continue to stay when there is only one person doing all the work. Meet the women of DWC (Disgruntled Wives Club). Dana, Willow, and Crystal were not only best friends, but they all held memberships in DWC.

Dana Hall is tired. She has been pulling all the weight in the household. Her husband, Ric, had more excuses and lies than anyone she knows, and she had come so close to leaving, but her two boys made her stay in this marriage. Dana has turned a blind eye to to his late nights, text messages and e-mails. But Dana has reached her breaking point when she comes across a videotape. Dana must make a choice, but will the consequence of her decision break up her family for good?

Willow Townsend's life is spinning in an upward tornado. Willow loved and was loyal to her husband Vaughn,  and she would do anything for her husband. But Vaughn is like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. He can be the sweetest, most attentive husband; but then seconds later, he snaps and she's the one holding ice packs. When Willow realizes her birth mother wants to meet her, she has a deadly encounter with her husband. Will Willow continue to defend her abusive husband, or will she realize that she does not deserve to be abused and seek justice?

Crystal Moss is married to an R&B Superstar, Dante. Crystal understands that in her husband profession, there are plenty of temptations...including groupies. Crystal had a motto; as long as Dante didn’t disrespect her or bring home anything to her, then there relationship was good. Things take an awful turn when Crystal is diagnosed with a STD. Crystal must decide if she will walk away from the glitz, glamour and well as her marriage.

Disgruntled Wives Club by Portia A. Cosby is a must read from beginning to end. I think everyone can relate to this novel and the author did an excellent job of telling each woman’s story, I’m sure we know someone or can relate to each of the main characters in this book. Hands down, Disgruntled Wives Club is a great book. If your looking for a great read, Disgruntled Wives Club needs to be on your list.

Reviewed by Kristin for Urban Reviews

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