Saturday, November 04, 2006

Where Are They Now? Authors MIA

I have always been an avid reader. Before my hubby and I started our website last year, I use to read around maybe 3 to 4 books a month. Now I read around eight! I've read some really great books by some wonderful authors over the years. With the African-American book market being so competitive now, authors are either putting out books every year or sometimes even 2 a year. As I look at my bookshelf, I find that there are some great authors that have either put out 1 or 2 good books and then vanished into thin air. Where are these MIA authors?? You can't even find out any info on them on the net. Here are just a few authors that are MIA . If anybody has any info on any future or current projects about any of these authors or if you can think of any other authors feel free to post them here.

MIA Authors (Have You Them Seen Them??)

Sheneska Jackson : This author's debut novel was back in 1996 (Caught Up In The Rapture). She followed up with Lil' Mama's Rules in 1997, and Blessings in 1998. All three novels were excellent and I just knew that this author would be around for years to come. The Amazon reviews for all of her books were 4 to 4.5 overall ratings so its not like these books were total flops in my opinion. After her last book, there was supposed to be another book by Sheneska called Southern Comfort but the dates kept getting pushed farther and farther away in the future. The last release date was 12/05 I believe. At one point, Southern Comfort just completely disappeared and so did Sheneska. What a shame.

Sterling Anthony: This author's debut and only novel was Cookie Cutter back in 1999. This was an excellent mystery but sadly this was this author's only book. What happened?

Grace F. Edwards: This author wrote the very good Mali Anderson sister sleuth series. The last Mali Anderson book was Do or Die in July 2000. Grace did have another mystery called The Viaduct that was not a part of the Mali Anderson series back in December 2003 but there's been nothing since then.

Marcus Major: This is another author who had several great novels. The last book was A Family Affair back in 2003. Where are you Marcus?

Renee Swindle: This author wrote one book call Please, Please, Please back in 1999. Nothing since then.

Patty Rice: This author wrote the ultimate book about getting caught up in loving a married man called Somethin' Extra and then in 2001 Reinventing The Woman. Once again, nothing since.

Penny Micklebury: Another sister sleuth fiction author. She wrote the Carole Ann Gibson series. The last book of this series was Paradise Interrupted in 2/01. This was a great series. Don't know why she stopped.

Sharon Mitchell: I loved all three of this author's books: Nothing But The Rent, Sheer Necessity, and the last book in 2001 Near Perfect. Nothing since.

Well, these are all that I can think of for now. Part 2 will come later.

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