Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Best 'Reviewed' Books of 2006

Best 'Reviewed' Books of 2006

These books are only listed in groups according to the rating that I gave them. There is no numerical order for this list. Congrats to everybody who had a great book last year. And remember, this is for books I reviewed for the website!

Donna Hill Guilty Pleasures 5
Anna J. My Woman, His Wife 5
Michelle Buckley Trippin' 5
Relentless Aaron Extra Marital Affairs 5
Nikki Turner Ridin' Dirty On I-95 5
Noire Thug-A-licious 5
Miasha Secret Society 5
V. Anthony Rivers My Life Is All I Have 5
Amaleka McCall A Twisted Tale Of Karma 5
Crystal Perkins-Stell Hood Rich 5
Carl Weber So You Call Yourself A Man 5
Gloria Mallette What's Done In The Dark 5
Noire Candy Licker 5
Gloria Mallette If There Be Pain 5
Richard Jeanty Neglected Souls 5
Richard Jeanty Neglected No More 5
Travis Hunter Something To Die For 5
Marlon L. Sanders The Other Man 5
Renee Luke Making Him Want It 5
K'wan Eve 5
Derek Jackson Brother Word 5
LaDawn Black Stripped Bare 5

Yasmin Shiraz Privacy 4.5
Carl Weber/Mary Morrison She Ain't The One 4.5
Anna J. The Aftermath 4.5
Treasure E. Blue Harlem Girl Lost 4.5
Richard Jeanty Sexual Exploits of a Nympho 4.5
Black Artemis Burn 4.5
Miasha Diary of a Mistress 4.5
Jatye Born Assassin 4.5
Eric Jerome Dickey Chasing Destiny 4.5

Phillip Thomas Duck Grown And Sexy 4.5
Evie Rhodes Criss Cross 4.5
Pearl Cleage Baby Brother's Blues 4.5
Bernice McFadden Nowhere Is A Place 4.5

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Unknown said...

I'm really honored to have earned such a high rating from Urban Reviews! Thank you for reading my work, and I'm thrilled you enjoyed it so much.