Saturday, January 31, 2009

[FWD: "Daughter of the Sun" by C. Wendell Oliver]

About the Novel:

The Anubis, an ancient "Dark Matter" entity part-man part-beast has invaded the realm of man. Walking freely amongst us in human form it seeks to subjugate mankind. One woman born of an extraordinary lineage has the power to stop it. Doctor Deidra Jones is a modern day descendant of the most famous "Werewolf Fighter" the world has ever known, "The Sun Goddess," and "Warrior Queen of Egypt" Nefertiti. Deidra has been chosen by the entities of "Light" to recapture the Anubis and send it back into its dark lair. The world of man needs a hero. Can Deidra become that hero? With the help of a small band of feline enhanced humans can she meet the challenge successfully as her fabled ancestor did and stop the Anubis? Or will she falter in her mission and leave the world of mankind at its mercy?

About the Author:

Clayton W. Oliver originally from Baltimore, Maryland, now resides outside of Atlanta, GA. This is his debut novel, the first of a four-part series.

Purchase Info:

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$18.00 (Soft Cover, 424 pages)

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