Thursday, April 02, 2009

Jean Holloway - Quad A Update

Hi Readers and Vendors,

Check out Quad A's new commercial!

I've extended the $25.00 early bird ticket until April 15th due to quite a few emails from folks asking for a little more time, you know with taxes due & this sad economy. I understand, that's one of the reasons I want to make this an inexpensive, but elegant day. You can choose to spend the entire day from 9:00a to 7:00p with 30 authors, inc. a buffet breakfast, library readings, ending with a meet & mingle @ the Uptown and transportation between venues for $35.00 or chose to join us later in the afternoon at the Uptown Restaurant & Lounge for hors'dourves and a cash bar from 3-7p. for $25.00. Uptown admission includes a free autographed copy from the participating author of your choice!

I've attached a new flyer that I think explains it all, but if you have any questions, please email me with "Quad A" as the subject.

Heartfully Yours,
Jean Holloway

P.S. I'm now an vendor.
Just click the "Add to Cart" button under Jean Holloway & you can receive a personally autographed copy of "Ace of Hearts" for ONLY $15.99 inc. shipping & handling.

I'd also like 2 extend my personal invitation 4 U 2 join my mailing list. From time 2 time, I may add new info, video, audio or pictures 2 my site & by joining my list, U'll know.

If you have a spam filter on your email account, please make sure to add me to your Contacts.
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Coming May, 2009 "Black Jack", the sequel.

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