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Urban Reviews Online Book Discussion - SASSY by Gloria Mallette presents
Quarterly Book Club Discussion #1:

SASSY by Gloria Mallette

Book Description:

A successful romance novelist, Sassy is a woman looking to fulfill her own fantasy. When the man of her dreams steps right out of the pages of her latest novel, Butterfly, Sassy throws all caution to the wind and fall madly in love with Norris Yoshito. But what evil lies behind Norris's beautiful eyes and sexy smile? Is the man of Sassy's dream a serial killer of women who made the mistake of trusting Norris just as Sassy did? Is Sassy's love so deep for Norris that she fails to see the signs of a man who has no soul? Is Sassy's marriage a horrible mistake that will lead to her own death? What is Sassy to believe?

Instructions for Online Book Discussion

WARNING: Do NOT read the blog posts/comments if you have not read the book. This is an open discussion about the story itself, with questions about specific plot points, characters, scenes, etc. If you have not read the book, please do so BEFORE reading these posts. Thank you.

1. Gloria will post a brief bio about herself and a brief comment/anecdote about SASSY.
2. From there, we at Urban Reviews will post occassional questions for her to answer.
3. You can chime in at any time with additional questions, comments, or praise that you have for Gloria about the book.
4. This online discussion will go on all week (until Sunday, August 2nd), so if you need more time to finish the book, that is fine. Online blog posts will be closed at the end of the day Sunday, August 2nd and the discussion will conclude. The blog posts for this discussion will remain on the site indefinitely.
5. If at any point you have a question for Urban Reviews, please send an off-loop email to us at

This is an open discussion....absolutely ANYONE can chime in at anytime...even anonymously!


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Unknown said...

I am Gloria Mallette and I am the author of SASSY. Sassy Davenport and Norris Yoshito's story had been swirling around in my head for years. I just didn't know how to begin their tale. Once I did start SASSY, I was taken on a journey that I had no control over. So if you the reader is at times surprised when reading SASSY, know that I was just as surprised.

I should mention, that now that I am back to self publishing, I am happy with the covers I have chosen for my books and I hope you are as well. If you have any questions of me, I will gladly answer them throughout the week. In the meantime, thank you so very much for choosing to read SASSY.


UR said...

Question: What inspired you to create a story centered around a romance writer?

Sharon said...

I enjoyed Sassy as well as a lot of your other books. My favorite is Weeping Willow Dance. Your stories seem to have a little suspense or intense moments in them. When you begin to write do you already know you're going to put those moments in or do they take shape all of their own?

Unknown said...

What inspired you to create a story centered around a romance writer?

When I originally thought about writing about Sassy and Norris, I thought I would write a romance, but the opening murder scene was always so prominent in my mind. So as I began to shape Sassy, she literally told me that she was a romance writer and I let her have her way.

When you begin to write do you already know you're going to put those moments in or do they take shape all of their own?

I never know what is going to happen from one moment to the next, or one chapter to the next. The incidents, the twists and turns, the drama unfolds as I write. I am always surprised by the direction my stories take and I never know how the story will end.

UR said...

What type of research did you have to do as far as the police aspect of it?

Unknown said...

The only research I did re the police had to do with the different degrees of murder. Most of my research had to do with Norris's background in Japan, i.e., the culture of Japan re mixed race children and the miliary base.

Unknown said...

Hello Gloria,

I found your work to be excellent. The way you told this story was amazing and up until the middle of the book, you really had me thinking that Norris had some sort of split personality disorder that would make him be so sweet to Sassy and so cruel to Myra.


Unknown said...

Crystal, thank you. I can certainly understand how Norris had you and others fooled. He had me fooled as well, which is why it took me so long to finish Sassy. Allowing my characters to lead me often left me stumped but the story came out so much better. Thank God.

UR said...

Gloria, once again this story was excellent. Just like Crystal, I too thought that Norris had a split personality. Was Norris having a twin he knew nothing about the result of the research you did about Japanese culture? I heard that they are only allowed one child per family.

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