Wednesday, June 27, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Sophia Shaw - All Caught Up

Sophia Shaw
All Caught Up
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4 out of 5 books

As owner of Croft Connections, Jasmine Croft makes a living bringing people together. For her own love life, she has come to expect nothing, therefore she is content dating without the happily ever after. Robert Rankins, ex-goalie for the Florida Panthers turned writer, isn't looking for love when he enlists the services of Croft Connections. He just wants his parents off his back and to prove that he has moved on since the death of his wife. So when Jasmine goes to tell Robert that his date had an accident and can't make it, the last thing that either of them expected was the instant attraction. Due to the sparks that they were igniting, they both decided that exploring a relationship was a good idea. However, they didn't expect all of the lies and deceit.

All Caught Up was a good read by Sophia Shaw. There were lots of characters in this story and Shaw did a wonderful job developing all of them to give you a feel of each characters role within the story. The setting took place in two different cities in Florida. Shaw also did a great job of giving a wonderful visual image of both cities that helped develop the story. The flow of the story was also really good. Overall, All Caught Up was a good read!

Reviewed by Tenecia for Urban Reviews

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