Tuesday, September 18, 2012

NEW REVIEW: Juliet Carr - Contorted

Juliet Carr
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1 out of 5 books

Contorted by Juliet Carr tells the story of a young Sharmeka Jackson. Her mother is always gone, leaving her to fend for herself and her siblings. Sometimes her mother is gone for weeks at a time strung out on drugs. With all that Sharmeka is dealing with, she has failed middle school two years in a row. It is not that she is stupid by any means; it's just that life has dealt her one hell of a hand.

Sharmeka loves her mother more than anything and just wishes her mother would get better so they can be a family. If it wasn't for her best friend, Rico that lives across the hall that sells drugs, she would not know what would have happened to her and her brother and sister. Without Rico's help, they would have nothing to eat. Sharmeka never stops to wonder why it is that Rico is so intent on making sure they are all okay and that she attends school.

Contorted by Juliet Carr was a story told in first person. The story was all over the place, skipping from here to there. The timeframe of the storyline was very unclear and I am still unsure of how old the main character Sharmeka was. The ending was too rushed because it skips to two years later. With a good developmental editor, this story could have easily rated a higher rating.

Reviewed by Leona Romich for Urban Reviews

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