Tuesday, February 03, 2015


4 out of 5 books

Puss and Boots is an exclusive swingers’ club owned by Lyssa and Jacob. Since their two children are now out of the house, they have been actively living this lifestyle. Every few months they hire a “live-in” girl who they provide room, board, and a paycheck. In exchange for this, the hired girl gives them sex on demand. But when Jacob decides to go out and find the next “live-in” on his own, things don’t go as planned. Danielle and Stewart have been regulars at the club for the past eight years. They have their own private room and there’s something far more sinister than sex that’s going on. Juju is a fifty year old millionaire and former model. Ferrari is a 30 year old college dropout . Juju and Ferrari love the club but Ferrari may have his sights on someone else. Tori and Kevin always wanted to experiment and Puss and Boots is the perfect place to do it. After their encounter with another couple at the club, Tori can’t seem to get that experience or that man out of her mind. What will happen with these four couples?

Sex, lies, and dirty secrets are what you’ll find in the pages of Swing by Miasha. This book is a lot more than just non-stop sex at the swingers’ club. You’ll find that these four couples have some deep issues outside of the club. This story does provide some unexpected plot twists and drama that Miasha is known for. This book is a hot and fast read that will surely delight readers. With Swing, Miasha gives us a walk on the wild side.

Reviewed by Radiah Hubbert

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