Monday, July 13, 2015

NEW REVIEW : Stand Your Ground by Victoria Christopher Murray

5 out of 5 books

Janice Johnson is living her worst nightmare. Her young black son has been murdered and no arrest has been made. Janice wants to trust the justice system to do the right thing but that’s easier said than done. To further complicate matters, Janice’s brother-in-law wants to get his militant style group involved which she doesn’t approve of. Meredith Spencer’s husband is the person accused of the murder. She knows what really happened that night and feels conflicted. Does she do the right thing and tell the truth or does she stand by her man?

Stand Your Ground is the most prolific novel by Victoria Christopher Murray to date. Murray does an excellent job of bringing this controversial law to the forefront. The interesting part of this story is that you see all sides of this. You see not only Janice’s side of dealing with the murder of her son but you also see Meredith struggling with doing the right thing. Murray gives readers a front row seat to the dirty tricks that are used in order to sway pubic opinion and the jury about this case. This story would not be complete without Murray giving us a very satisfying and shocking conclusion. Stand Your Ground is great discussion book and another winner by Victoria Christopher Murray.

Radiah Hubbert
Urban Reviews

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