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Friday, November 01, 2019

Book Preview of the Month: The Ungodly Pastor by Country Mcrae & Boog Deniro

Darkness seemed to be his true companion. Doing dirt behind the cross only leads to being revealed. When it came to Reverend Earl Reeves, he had is own perception of scripture. He chose to be in the light on Sundays before the 4,300 congregation of the Jubilee Baptist Church. When it came to his personal life, he somehow fell short of his glory.Committing adultery within the church, and using his nephews to advance his sins, seemed to be the calling God hadn't chosen for him.With an indictment on the horizon, and a fatal attraction on his hands, the Reverend feels the walls closing in on him.Will he continue to travel this road of sin, see the inside of a prison again, or die at the hands of a scorned woman???

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