Monday, March 27, 2023

New Review : What Does Brown Mean to You? : Ron Grady


5 out of 5 books

"I liked What Does Brown Mean to You because it was about a boy named Benny. He was brown and he saw everything around him that was brown too. Benny is brown like me, and I had fun learning to read it. My granddaughter's review, 5 years old."
What Does Brown Mean to You is a book that will appeal to children because it's brightly illustrated, the actual book itself is easy to read and catchy. It's not too long, so it will hold a child's attention long enough to read the book. I had fun helping my granddaughter read it. (She wanted to write her own review, which I included at the top.)  I recommend it for kids between 3 - 7.Thank you to Urban Reviews Online for the copy of this book, the review posted here are mine and my granddaughter's.

Reviewed by Kiera Northington & her granddaughter

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