Friday, January 20, 2006

Is It Me? - Post #1

This is a section that I used to have in the 1990's when I had my own website of music reviews and had some special features. It's kind of like 20 Questions in Vibe, but better (at least that's what I believe!) So, here is my current list 'Is It Me?' questions....and if you have some, feel free to comment by clicking the small link in the bottom right of this post. I will post them in the next posting of the 'Is It Me?' section!

1. IS IT ME?...or does Charlie Wilson have the biggest teeth you ever saw in your life (they're even bigger than Ron Isley's!)
2. IS IT ME?...or does the relationship with Beyonce and Jay-Z need to go to the next level?
3. IS IT ME?...or are you surprised that they gave Queen Latifah a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame before Will Smith?
4. IS IT ME?...or did Lou Rawls always look like a jive turkey when you saw him?
5. IS IT ME?...or do you wish movie soundtracks were as good as they were in the early 90s (i.e. Menace II Society, Boyz N Da Hood, Juice, New Jack City, etc)
6. IS IT ME?...or has Omar Gooding been stealing some limelight from his incognito brother Cuba?
7. IS IT ME?...or shouldn't the popular TV Show 'Everybody Hates Chris' change its title to 'Everybody LOVES Chris'?
8. IS IT ME?...or are the recent firings of David Mays and Benzino from The Source a day late and a dollar short?
9. IS IT ME?...or are you just as shocked that The Simpsons are still on the air?
10. IS IT ME?...or should Bun B receive the Rap Hustler of the Year award for being on practically every album that came out last year?


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princessdominique said...

Greetings! I figured I'd stop by your blog and tell you that I plan on being a regular. Thanks again for reviewing The Hamptons!

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