Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Update On The Progress To The Website...

Well, it's only 2am this time, but I finally have the Hip-Hop Reviews up on the site. Man, I can't believe the time it takes to explain some of these albums. I want to provide an honest review for each and not leave anything out that I feel is important enough to tell everybody about.

For instance, I felt compelled to explain all the reasons why Chamillionaire's album is a 2.5 considering he used to be paired up with Paul Wall (who I recently gave a 4 out of 5). I left no stone unturned so that you could see the exact reason behind my rating. I do that for all my reviews. Sometimes I see short reviews on and I wonder how you could get any helpful information from four sentences.

So I hope everyone appreciates the time and effort that goes into these reviews.

Upcoming Updates In The Next 24 Hours:
- Finish up the reviews for the R&B cds and post them by tomorrow night.
- Send out the newsletter to the mailing list tomorrow night.
- Get the ball rolling on our book giveaway (now scheduled for Thursday, Jan 5th...sorry!)
- Update the Hip-Hop New Releases page.....

Okay...that's it for now......leave your comments! Peace.

A 'Not-So-Tired-This-Time-Cuz-He-Took-A-Nap-Earlier' Charles H.

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